Saturday, November 27, 2010

My OU Family

In my house, we are serious OU fans, and since today is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, game of the season I thought it only fitting to sport my OU gear with the fam. So here is my take on how you can look cute in your "sports fan" gear. 

I grabbed Matt's OU sweatshirt, threw on a khaki blazer and rolled up the sleeves of both. I don't know about you, but I love the look of the rolled up sleeves. It kind of adds a preppy feel to it. Then I threw on my favorite jeans, rolled up the bottoms and put on some cream shoes. Wedges of course to say "yes, I love football, but I am still a girl". 

Link lookin super cute in his Sooner gear. This sweater has a football on it. So cute on my little man. 

 My boys together :) Boomer Sooner! Obviously Link is super excited about being in all these pictures. 

My favorite picture. They are so cute together. 

So here are my suggestions for the Sooners before the game:

1. Landry, SHAVE THE STACHE! You know you play terrible when you don't
2. Broyles, just do what you do because you are AWESOME!
3. Murray, run as fast as you did last game, and avoid being a bulldozer. You are supposed to get around the other team, not go through them. 
4. Kevin Wilson, PLEASE do not run running play after running play. Spice it up with some passes and trick plays for heaven's sake because right now our offensive is the most predictable in the Big 12. 

NOW GO GET 'EM BOYS!!! Boomer Sooner!

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