Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comfy Cozy Sweater Dress

I had so much fun with my mom while she was here, and it was nice having a craft buddy for a couple of days. We were consumed by fabric, ornaments, thread, hot glue and practically every other craft item on the planet (aka, my heaven). Point being? Lots of crafts, not lots of blogging. But now she is gone...sniff my craft filled office can become a blogging office once more.

I went back to my closet to find something that I don't wear enough of and the item of the day is my sweater dress. I loved it when I bought it, but then I started getting irritated because the sleeves were shaped weird (no picture, sorry. Camera and I are not getting along today) and so I more or less put it on the shelf of "one day" which also means "forgotten". So I pulled together some inspiration:

(I love this sweater dress. I am actually lusting over it at this very minute.)

This is cute with the leggings, turtle-neck underneath, big belt, and bangles. 

Love the boots idea. 

A couple things I noticed while looking for inspiration: All were wearing belts around the waist, leggings underneath, and cute jewelry. So I put these things into action while sprucing up my sweater dress, but I still had to figure out how to mask the ugly sleeves (straight sleeves that look like they are 4 sizes too big for my arm). While I was looking through a magazine the answer came to me. A cardigan (yes my "fix-all" has come to my rescue again). This way, it covers up the sleeves, and makes the sweater dress look even cozier than it already is. Not only will it help with the sleeves, but keep it in mind if you feel that your sweater dress hugs to close to those curves.

What do you think?

I have got the belt, the leggings and the bulky jewelry. I had too much of gray and black so I wanted to add some color with the jewelry. 

Now for the shoes, I added some pumps if I was to be going out with Matt on a date.

But since I am not today, I wanted to be comfy so I just threw on some boots and off I go. Now I feel chic without feeling like I am wearing too much or anything uncomfortable which is always my goal as you well know :)


  1. Love it! But question, I just had a baby so when I wear me sweater dress with a belt I feel as though my post baby belly is exaggerated by the belt and I feel it makes me look short. Do I gave up on the idea or is there something else I can do?

  2. whoa whoa hot momma!:) First of all, if you ever need a craft buddy to fill in the time when your mom is not here.. I AM THE GIRL!
    Second! Loved the sweater look! I love sweaters period. All these cute ideas makes me wish I had more money to go out and buy everything!

  3. First, yes you can wear this look without the belt, just add a big bling necklace instead, or a bib necklace, keep the cardigan (which will help hide baby lines!), and throw some leggings on and you have a way to look cute and feel cute!

    And Shelly, yes please be my craft buddy :) Also, send me ideas of what you already have in your closet and we can make cute ideas with what you already have!