Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love A Hippie and A Hippie Loves Me

This post is a little late today as I have been cleaning ferociously before my mom gets here tonight (hip hip hooray!!!). I don't want to fall into a pattern of not posting so I decided better late than never :)

I am very excited about this accessory, and if you couldn't have guessed from the post title it has to do with hippies (but not in a "free love" sort of way). The hippie band! Love love them! Ones with feathers on the side, simple ones with beads, big bulky ones, they are all just so fun and can really relate to anyone's personality which is why I love them.

Here are some that I love, and as most of them are from my favorite, make sure to take a look there for more ideas or somewhere to get a cheap unique one for yourself :) As for me, I think I might take the challenge to make one for myself. If that sounds like something you would like me to post on later (how to make one that is) let me know in the comment section and I would love too! :)

Put one on over some curls like LC to wear the hippie band precariously to add just a little bit to the outfit, but not being too extreme. 

*Beautiful from shop*

oops, that one was small, but you get the picture :)


*From Colorbazaar at Etsy*

So lovely! I just love this accessory, hope you enjoy it as well!

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