Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Red Flare, Made Skinny

I am super excited about these pants. They are thrifted Abercrombie and when I found them they were BIG flares, but I really liked the color. So, I brought them home and sewed the inside of the legs to make them into skinny jeans (well, corduroy technically). I'm going to be honest and say that it was probably the easiest alteration yet, and only took me about 30 minutes.

So, what do you think of my new red pants? (and we are keeping in mind that I am no model!)

(hmm, I kind of look like I have to pee here...oops)

Pretty sweet, right? Yeah, I am kinda bragging on this one because they turned out better than expected. Want me to make a post on how to make pants into skinny pants? Post a comment to let me know! Who knows, maybe I will do it whether you like it or not. I am kind of crazy that way.


  1. um those are adorable! please tell me how you did this! tutorial??

  2. Love it! I used to do that to flared jeans all the time. :) The jeans I fixed are very small on me now, so I can't wear them anymore. Haha. :)

  3. LOVE! i have some pants that are screaming "make me over" right now! tutorial please!


  4. I just came across your blog and you should most definitely do a tutorial on that, I have so many great jeans that I want to make into skinnies! Cute outfit by the way, and happy Thanksgiving. :)

  5. Very cool! And makes it so much easier to tuck into boots. Loving the colour too. :)

  6. haha! yes do a post on how to make pants into skinny jeans. My hubby Jason has altered ALL his pants to be skinny this last summer. lol! but me...well i'm not so brave...still have many flare jeans!