Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Apology Of Sorts

I have recently found that some people are offended by my blog. I would hope that those who take a gander at my fashion ideas know that what I am proposing are modest suggestions. I have never posted anything that I could not wear after having been through the temple.

This blog is my creative outlet to help other women out there who love fashion, but feel like it is immodest the majority of the time. We are here to share our talents with those around us. I love fashion and so I will continue to share my talent and help others out there make modest fixes to otherwise immodest fashions.

Thank you to those who understand this goal of mine! I hope that we can continue to enjoy fashion together! Can't wait to come up with more ideas tomorrow :) Ta ta :)


  1. You need to tell the naysayers to kiss your a#&!

  2. Who on earth is offended by your blog? I've seen your clothing, it's not like your garments are showing in any of your outfits. Good grief.

  3. @_@ Well I know I was seriously offended. Your face..and hands...and ... stuff would show... So ... immodest.

  4. The offense is probably from your 2nd most recent blog entry. Putting leggings under short shorts and calling it modest doesn't really cut it. Remember we are not only warned about the length of our shorts, skirts and tops but also about wearing clothing that is too tight as well. I really do not like the legging "fad." I think it gives some women a false sense of modesty. Its not modest when I can see every line, curve and crease of your lower body.

    I do appreciate all the fashion tips and fixes you give. I've gotten some great ideas in just the few posts I've read this evening. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for all of your comments ladies, they ALL mean a lot :)

  6. Oh girl... I am glad you can just let it roll off your back! That is really the only way we can survive life. There will always be "someone" who doesn't agree with what is being said in life.
    I for one love your blog! If someone doesn't agree or like your idea, then they don't have to do it.
    That is their choice WE are the one that choose to be offended.. and I certainly am not!:)

  7. Shelly you are fabulous, and your advice is just as fabulous :)

    It inspires me to be creative, to save money, and to love what I had forgotten in the back of my closet.
    Keep on Keepin on!
    If they don't like your blog they can create their own! :)

  9. Dianne, I get the impression that this blog is meant for people to use as inspiration for their own wardrobes. Not necessarily to be replicated exactly. Furthermore, if leggings are showing every curve of your body, then you are probably wearing them too small. Leggings do exist that aren't so suggestive.

    To be fair, modesty also has to do with things other than your clothing choices.

    I don't know how many women that i've seen at General Conference with so much makeup on that they look like streetwalkers. This includes some high-level leaders of Primary and YW. That is immodest as well.

    I have also seen tons of women in Relief Society who exude so much pride and self-validation that what they are wearing is no longer relevant, because every word that comes out of their mouths drips with immodesty.

    I don't ignore the importance of encouraging women to show self-respect via their clothing choices. However, the church culture as a whole needs to be more cognizant of the fact that modesty entails a heck of a lot more than just wearing the right clothes.

  10. Oh, my goodness. You're getting negative comments already?? People just need to realize it's not about diamond studded butt jeans, beehive hair, and DownEast layering t-shirts. Mormons just need to get over their self-righteousness and realize modesty doesn't have to mean dressing like you're in middle school anymore.