Monday, November 29, 2010

Make 'Em Skinnies

I have finally found time to make the skinny pant tutorial, and I have to say I was a little giddy that you wanted to know how to do it (or at least 5 of you did) so I have been excited to do it. I am super scatterbrained, and my husband says I am terrible at explaining things, so I will try my best to make this make sense. 

  • Pick your pants. Somewhat stretchy is awesome, but you can do it with any you just have to adjust your measurements accordingly (ex. not stretchy-add an inch, stretchy-exact measurement). 
  • Make your measurements:

You will want to measure your upper leg, mid upper leg, and just above the knee. You do not want to make the measurements with pants on, but I thought you would appreciate that I kept mine on for the pictures. 

  • Write those measurements down and then divide them all in half. 

  • Now you are going to make the appropriate markings on your pants. You want the inside seam to match. The outside seam won't match up perfectly, but that is because your backside is always a little bigger than the front, so this is ok. Just make sure that the inside seam matches. 

  • Once your inside seam matches up, lay the pants flat. You are going to measure from the outside inward (as in the picture). Half of my measurement was 10 inch, so I put the 10 on the outside fold, and make a mark with my marker near the inside seam. 
  • You will do this for all three measurements that you took: your upper leg, mid upper, and right above the knee. 
  • Once you have all the marks, you connect the dots be just drawing a line from one dot to the next with your marker. 

  • Now sew down that line, remembering to always make sure that the inside seam matches up. 

Only sew to your upper knee mark. 

  • Once you have sewn to that mark, try them on and make sure that they fit snug like how you would want your skinnies to fit. 
  • If they are too loose, them in just a little more. 
  • Once they are the right fit, turn them inside out again and we will continue. 
  • Measure your calf. You are going to take half of that measurement and make the mark down at the ankle, starting from the outside fold just like how you did with the upper leg. 
  • Now you are going to draw a straight line from the upper knee dot down to the mark you just made at the ankle. (your should hem the pants up before you do this, even they need to be shortened). 

  • Now sew down that line like you did the upper leg. 
  • Try them on! If they fit, good job and you are all done, just cut off the excess leaving a little extra in case you have to let them out later. 
  • If they are a little loose, just sew them in slightly. 

Voila! Finished! Hopefully that all made sense :) And then you have your finished product, here is mine:

Lets see your handy work! Send your finished pics to my email.


  1. thank you thank you for doing this tutorial!! i'm going to give it a try and when i'm done [hopefully it won't take a year to finish!] i'll email you my pic! can't wait!