Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roll 'em Up!

I have seen the rolled up pants look a lot lately, but I have to say I am not a fan of the way most stars have been wearing them. Mostly because they are trying to bring back the 90's grunge, which frankly I was never a fan of. (For all those who saw what I wore in the 90's, pretend you didn't because I now know what I looked like!).

So as I was browsing through a fashion magazine, I saw Gwenyth Paltrow pulling off this rolled up pants look rather well. And so she is my inspiration for this blog post today.

She paired it with a blazer! I love it :)

Moral of the story? Grab a pair of those skinny jeans you own and roll them up, but keep the roll small to wear them like you see in the picture. Throw on a sweater or loose tee, strap on some heels or boots and your off!

Now we have a way to wear this fun rolled up look, without looking like we rolled out of bed!


  1. First, I need to be brave enough to buy a pair of skinny jeans.. what do you think? Skinny Jeans for short people?

  2. The rule of wearing skinny jeans this way is 1: don't by them too tight, 2: wear them with a longer shirt (mid bum length) and 3: wear them with heels. Stick to these rules and you can rock them no matter how tall you are! :) Hope that helped!

  3. I love my skinny jeans. I can't roll mine up because they're too tight at the ankles! I guess I have cankles.