Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} An Inspiration Book & Share Your Treasure

For this Thrifty Thursday, I wanted to share another tip that might help you while you are wandering through the thrift store, aimlessly.

Make an Inspiration Book:

Here is mine. I took a cute journal, one of my fashion magazines and started ripping out pictures of outfits or clothes that I liked. 

Then I started pasting them into the book. (I also did hair inspirations). I realized that turning down the corners of my favorite pages did not make it easy for me to get inspiration, nor did cut down on clutter because I was saving the whole magazine for just a few pictures. 

But when I started cutting the pictures out and pasting them all into one book, I learned a lot about my own personal style. I also noticed how much that helped while I was thrifting, because I had an idea of what I was looking for. Whether it was bohemian, anything floral or striped, or a cute skirt. It put a little more order to the thrifting chaos. 

I hope this suggestion helps on this Thrifty Thursday. Now let's share some thrifted treasures!!!
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  1. I LOVE that idea! I too, always rip/cut the pictures out of magazines so that I can cut down on clutter, but I usually just put my cut outs in a folder. I like the glued neatly into a cute notebook idea much better!
    Thank you for the link up! I have a link up for any outfits you wore jewelry with, would love for you to link up, yesterdays is still open.

  2. Wow, so crazy! I also use a book of images torn out of magazines for thrifting inspiration. I was planning to write on my blog about it sometime soon. When I do I will definitely link to this post! Great minds think alike!

  3. Yes we do!! It's so great, and fun to do. Or at least I thought so because I am obsessed with "arts and crafts" :)