Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Battle Wounds

Poor Link has had a rough week already, and has the battle wounds to prove it. First, he loves to antagonize our cat Ike, who actually has a lot of patience for it, but unfortunately sometimes Link pushes him to the breaking point, and then gets some warning scratches to back-off.

Next, I take him to Zumba with me in the mornings, and it seems he is a pushing magnet. He doesn't realize that, although he can pull on mom's arm to get my attention, pulling on a kid's arm is grounds for getting shoved. So, today he got pushed down and got a little black eye. Part of me thinks it is adorable, but the bigger part of me wants to make it better. So...I got him a laffy taffy :) He NEVER gets candy, so this is a big treat for him. As you can tell, because he wouldn't put it down for the camera.

There is his little eye. It isn't terrible now, luckily the swelling went down pretty fast. But it was the result of TONS of mommy kisses to make it better. He is totally fine now, probably doesn't even remember it happening, but it gives me more excuses to snuggle him {as if I needed more}. 

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  1. oh my gosh, so sad little face! super true though, my little one is more often than not sporting a bruise. i do so love to snuggle him though so it's OK in the end i guess. kinda;) PS: since you're one stylin' Mormon mom link up here:
    if you'd like. you're invited!