Monday, January 17, 2011

{My Man Mondays} Plaid Everything

Plaid has taken over men's fashion (awesome) and it now reaches from guy's shoes to their shorts to their jackets. It is all over and I can't say that this doesn't make me happy, because in fact, I LOVE it. I don't mean all together though fellas. Sorry to those of you who could have figured that out on your own (Matt brought Link to church one day dressed in blue and green plaid shorts with an orange and brown plaid hurt me a little).

So here are all the fun ways to wear plaid:

We have the plaid fedora. 

The plaid hoodie/jacket.

We have the plaid long-sleeved plaid shirt. 

My favorite:  The plaid Shoes

And Matt's favorite: The plaid shorts. 

All of these are a great way to strut your man stuff. The shirt and shorts are for the more timid of heart. So start with those if you are a little weary of the plaid look. Then maybe get a little crazy with some plaid shoes (because they are awesome) and then go from their with the rest of the plaid looks. Again, though, DO NOT put more than 1 plaid look together unless you are so overwhelming stylish that you have found that perfect balance that, frankly, I would have to see to believe is even possible. 

My favorite men's look with the plaid fedora:  Wear it with a casual and loose fitting white tee, comfy shorts, and some loafers, for a smooth and comfy look. 

Now the one plaid thing that I beg you take with caution: The plaid short-sleeved shirt. I haven't quite figured out how to put that one together without looking like an old man. So please, if you have an awesome ideas send them in to my email

Alright, now get crazy with plaid!


  1. very cute, i love plaid! You could have Posted Ryan as one of your male models....He owns so many plaid stuff. Also, so funny about how matt dresses Link....Ryan does very similar things.....for example to other day he dressed RJ in a turtle neck with basketball shorts!

  2. bwahaha, I bet he was so "terribly-dressed" adorable :) Yes Ryan, you guys can come visit me in Oklahoma and be my male model because Matt won't!