Friday, January 14, 2011

Particularly Lazy Today

I am feeling quite lazy today, as you might have gathered from the post title, and so my handsome little boy offered to have pictures of his outfit taken today. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and took him up on his offer. Don't worry, there are pictures of my outfit....aka my pajamas....but seriously. I told you I was being lazy today.

(I like to call this picture "The Stand Off". It is a common scene in this house: Link chasing Ike and Ike always ready to dart the other way at a moments notice so as to avoid childlike torture (I can't say I blame him). 

(oh see, I told you that you would get a full shot, but I didn't tell you it would be pretty. I am fully equipped for a lazy Friday from messy head to stocking feet)

It is a really pretty day today, especially after the crazy wind yesterday. I love Oklahoma. The sun shines here practically ALL year long, and I am perfectly comfortable in my sweatshirt outside. Yeah it is pretty wonderful. I don't even mind that since we have lived here we have had: the worst hail storm every (softball sized hail going through roofs), a freak blizzard, 2 tornadoes, a flood, and an earthquake. Those things just make it exciting. Yeah, the sun means that much to me that I wouldn't trade all that for a gray winter. 

Thanks Oklahoma for keeping our lives interesting while we are here :) 


  1. I haven't been on in awhile! Love those lazy days! Mine are everyday!

  2. lazy days=some of the best memories with kids. not that any day can ever really be truly lazy with a one year old but, good luck girl! ;)