Friday, January 21, 2011

What Makes a Favorite

Do you want to know how I know these are my new favorite pants? Well, it is because I tried on a bunch of clothes today and felt ugly with frustration because I couldn't make anything work. Then I took out these pants, and it all just came together.

I think that favorite clothes are the ones that make us feel beautiful no matter what we pair it with. For this reason, I apologize because I can already tell you are going to see a lot of these pants :)

(shirt: gift from sister, pants: thrifted, shoes: Ross, necklace: Walmart)

Only one picture today because it was WAY too cold to be pushing the timer button, posing, then checking to see if it worked, and then doing it again. After one pic I was running inside because cold makes me feel like I am dying. 

As for the shoes I showed you yesterday, I decided that they are a spring/summer shoe because everything I wanted to pair them with were dresses and shorts, so looks like you will have to wait til it warms up again to see how I pair them up. 

Well, I am off to snuggle in front of the fire with a book while Link takes a nap. Have a great Friday! :)


  1. I love it!! And that is a really good pic, so don't worry about only having one!

    ps: I love those pants too!!

  2. You are so cute! I love seeing your outfits. I got frustrated with all of my pants today too and ended up in my sweats. But it's okay, because it's -8 right now in Minneapolis. I'm definitely not going anywhere today that requires me stepping out of this house!

  3. Hope to start thrifting in 2011.
    I am impressed at what other people are able to find.
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  4. Thanks Shawna! And Becky, I know what you mean, I HATE going out in the cold, and I can't even imaging -8!