Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beware, Lots of Pictures!

I am watching the Fiesta bowl and it is closer than I would like, but I do not want to fail you so I will continue to do this post. I am just warning you now so if it seems scatterbrained you know why :)

We had an amazing time on vacation at the cabin, and I was able to get a ton of winter sports in while we were there. Thanks Aunt Benette and Uncle Rob for letting us use your toys!

This is us on the way up. The weather was terrible, but we were determined to go so it took a REALLY long time to get up there, hence the rubbing eyes, and awesome face. 

My little man is just so cute when he is sleeping. I super love him. 

Once we finally got there we (ok, the muscular boys) had to shovel out a spot for our cars. 

Then we got a ride up in Uncle Rob's snowcat. It was actually really fun, and whenever we hit a bump Link would start laughing. 

This picture is a bit of a leap, but we went sledding the next day, and this is my sister Marrie in her "delicious" longjohns. (if you have not already, you should check out "The Delicious" on youtube to see why we think this outfit is HILARIOUS).

My man in his little snow pants. Again, I super love him, and I think that he is the cutest in just about any outfit. 

Did not want to pose with Marrie in the Delicious. 

Sledding! Recognize the beautiful purple suit? Yeah, I only had to wear it for a little while because my Aunt Benette gave me hers since the purple suit only went to my calf and let snow pour into my boots until my poor little toes wanted to fall off. 

Link was smiling like crazy when he went down the hill, which is funny because we were barely moving :)

He got this awesome tube from Aunt Benette. He wasn't quite sure about it, if you couldn't tell by his face. 

This boy-looking person is me. That's the best part about being married. I don't have to look cute in the snow, I just get to be super warm, which I was. At this point we found a huge/steep hill which was pretty intense...a.k.a. I LOVED it. 

This is my brother-in-law going off a jump. He just looked really cool so I thought I would show off his special snowboarding skills. 

If I look tired it's because I absolutely am. Going down the hill, SUPER fun. Going up, SUPER tiring...but worth it :)

The girl's made watches one night which rocked because I love to do crafts. Maybe you caught on to that already. 

My peeps working on their watches. 

Watching Despicable Me. We are SOO in love :)

Snowboarding on the last day. 

Yes, my outfit changed again. I just can't wear wet snow smells like dirty damp socks.

There you go. Nothing fashion wise (unless you count my watch picture, which I will). I had a great vacation, and it was nice to spend time with family while we are out here, and just play loads of games (we play "Bang" which is pretty great). 

Tomorrow I will commence with the fashion again! See you tomorrow :) Happy New Years!!

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