Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crop it! {Cropped shirt style}

I love to add some layers and depth to an outfit. That's why this "cropped shirt" trend is so awesome :) I got this cropped shirt for $3 at Aeropostale and threw it over a baggy spaghetti strap shirt. You see how this is just another modest way to make use of spaghetti strapped shirts :) Not to mention, just uber cute!

{not sure about this pic, but for some reason we only got 2, so here it is}

I was wearing my straw fedora with this outfit later on. I think it actually looked better that way, I just didn't end up getting more pictures after it was on. But here is a style board of a cute cropped shirt outfit:

Cute right?

Now here's where to get these lovelies:

Cropped shirt and pants:

And the Cropped tee accessories:

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  1. huh.. this is a cute look! Totally wouldn't have thought of layering a flowy tank under the cropped top, but it does look really cute on you! Great idea :)

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