Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Tornado Scare

For those of you who are aware that we live in Norman, OK, you might have heard that a tornado touched down here. We are all doing ok, and our house is just fine. It really was a miracle that it all turned out ok.

We were at our friends house waiting to see if they were going to issue a tornado warning, and when they did we were ready to rush to the weather center for shelter. However, my best friends brother (David) who is paraplegic after being shot in the head, was still at his mother's home (with mom and two nieces) with no where to go. So my husband and best friend's husband, Stdrov, drove as fast as they could to help load him up and bring them all the weather shelter.

Because they left so late, however, by the time they got to David's house to pick them up, the tornado sirens were already going off and large hail stones were falling. They thought about going to the hospital thinking it would be closer, but their radar app (that Stdrov developed), showed that a tornado was in a direct line to there as well, so they chanced it (with no where to run) to make it to the weather center where we were all waiting for them.

Now, during this time, we were in the weather center waiting by the doors for our husbands to make it back, when the weather got worse with rain, hail, and severe winds. To make matters worse, the security inside told us that we needed to head underground because the tornado was headed straight for us and it would be here in 2 minutes.

We had no idea where Matt and Stdrov were with David and at that point I just broke down crying because they were not safe out there. Luckily I had Shawna there to console me, and then we saw there car pull up, so we rushed outside to get everyone in and help with David's stuff.

Thinking that we made it in time we all made it safely inside. Only later did we find out that the tornado had lifted at that moment, and for that reason, we were all ok.

Only divine intervention could have saved us then because the tornado that was headed for us was an F4/F5 tornado that had already leveled the town of Goldsby. We are so very fortunate, and I am so thankful for that blessing.

So, once again, thanks Heavenly Father. I don't know what I would do without my Matti {but you must have known that, cause you saved him :) }

Now I am just still trying to wind down from it all, and I think I have had enough excitement for a lifetime :)

This is the tornado that was headed straight toward the Weather Center:


  1. Wow. I'm so glad to hear you are all okay. It's so hard to watch the news nowadays. It seems as if there are tornadoes going on every day. Take care always.

  2. so glad that your fam lives in DFW texas so it was a bit scary waiting for the phone to ring to hear they were safe...

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