Thursday, May 26, 2011

With everything else, let's just do an outfit today

I know it is usually Thrifty Thursday, and for those who post something every week, you should know you totally make my day! I start getting giddy when people post, and hubby just looks at me like, "crazy says what?". So to all you who post, let's be friends forever, and I will have a link-up next week, I promise :)

So here's an outfit post instead :) I usually don't wear black in spring time, but {when I look this good! :)} I decided it was appropriate for a night out on the town with hubby. We went and saw Pirates which was great. I just love these cuff pants. There an easy fix to any outfit to help me feel more fashionable that day.

{shirt: Walmart, jacket: JC Penney, pants: altered thrifted}

Gosh I love to snuggle this man :)

When he gives kisses he say "mmmm bah!" {"bah" is when his cute little pucker meets mine}

So life back to normal after crazy tornado. Man this town is nuts. It's like nothing even happened. I guess that's how they can tell that I'm not from around tornado ville, because of my serious meltdown during said tornado :)


  1. That last pic is so cute!! And I'm so glad things are settling down! That's scary.

  2. Thanks Elaine!! It sure was intense, glad it's over :)

  3. I need. NEED some of these pants! And an adorable little nugget like that. But that one can wait just a bit. Glad you guys are ok!

  4. You guys are all so sweet :) And yes, those little kisses ARE bliss :)