Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Conspirator

Matt and I were able to go on a date, since his mom and dad were here (they left today..boo..), so we went and to see The Conspirator. Basically? I LOVED it. It is seeing shows like that one that remind me why I want to be a lawyer when I grow up....or when Matt finishes school, which ever one happens first :)

So here is my casual Monday date night attire. I love this gold clutch. It is vintage {It once belonged to my mom, then went to the Dress-up box, then to my collection of purses where it has been loved and cherished ever since}.

{Tee and pants: Walmart, shoes: Hancocks, clutch: vintage, earrings: F21}

I really like this outfit. It was comfy and casual, but I still felt sexy in it with the gold accessories and skinny jeans. Perfect for a spring date night with my hubby pants. 


  1. how lucky I am your 100th follower! adorable blog, can't wait to read more! fellow refashionista here- trying to connect with my peeps ;)

  2. I love the casual t-shirt look juxtaposed with the shiny clutch!