Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Felt Book Finished

Remember when I posted this tutorial? Well, I finally finished one {actually, I finished two}. Turns out the one I made for my friend's coming baby is WAY cuter than the one I made Link, for two main reasons: 1. I did Link's first and learned some valuable lessons before moving on to the next, and 2. My friends baby is going to be a girl, and I love boys, but seriously, my mind works in girly flowers and pink glitter so it was much easier to get creative with hers :)

Funny how, as girly as I can be with my crafts and such, I want a house full of boys. I think I have enough emotions to fill this house on my own, so I will stick with boys who punch each other and then get over it. Not to say I wouldn't find some way to make cute bows and headbands for a girl if I had one :)

{Of course, we had to add the triforce...if there are any Zelda geeks like us out there who get that!}

{Just in case he forgets his name, I have it plastered all over this book...}

{There are little pockets that hold the shapes that go in those outlines, and colored flowers that match the flower outlines. Ya know, so I can be teaching him something}

{This little scene is for the fruits and veggies that I made. I kinda like it :)}

{Here are some of the fruits I made. I think they turned out pretty good.}

And so there is my finished book. I almost wish I would have taken pics of the other one because it was a little more put together :) Ah well, my kid is second class, what can I say?! {ok, that is not true for anyone thinking "gosh, that's cruel!", I actually kinda love my kid a LOT}

Have a fabulous Wednesday! I cleaned out my garage yesterday, so I think today with be a relax day. 

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