Friday, April 29, 2011

The Secret to Great Modest Shorts

Ok, number one: Fife Photography made me look AMAZING in these pics. I swear I am not actually this pretty. If you are looking for pics that make you look super great, and people to take them that are super fun and wonderful to work with, you really should check them out (they travel!): Fife Photography

Number two: THANKS!!!! to everyone that posted on Thrifted Thursday!! We had 8, EIGHT!! I just get so excited when lots of people post because I love to see deals that people get. It is exhilarating {ok, now you know I am a super thrifting nerd}.

Number three: .....well....there was really just those two. On to the outfit post :)

As always, below there are is a selection of things similar to what I am wearing. Usually they are too expensive for my tastes, but it gives you an idea of things you can look for while you are thrifting. Also, because it will be difficult/expensive to find high-waisted shorts that are long enough, try buying some vintage pleated/high-waisted pants from the thrift store and just sewing them into shorts. It is super easy, just chop a little long than desired length, fold it up and sew along the side seam and now you have a nice pair of shorts :)


  1. i hadn't thought of that! :) Great idea. :) And i still go to look at your photos just because. You are beautiful. :)

  2. You look stunning! I love that color combo too. May have to try that out... :)

  3. wow, the outfit is totally adorable. and yes, the pics are gorgeous!

  4. You all are so sweet! Thanks so much for following!!