Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Birthday My Awesome Guy

Man I love you, let me count the ways:

You are a huge goof
You make me laugh every day
You make me feel beautiful, even in my sweats
You are SUPER hot
You take great care of Link and me
You work so hard for the family
You have a great butt ;)

Thank you babe for being so wonderful, and for always making me feel special. You are amazing and I love you so much! Happy Birthday Matti!


  1. A sister's love!
    Matt you ARE a GOOF!
    Matt you are fun to laugh at/with!
    Your wife has beautiful sweats
    You are not cold
    Link and ruby are cute
    you do work hard
    You butt smells when you fart!

    you are a great bro.....luv anji, rye, rj, noah

  2. haha kinda sounds like the list of things that I love about my honey! Tell him happy birthday!

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