Monday, June 20, 2011

Refashions and Floral Treats

I knew there were some lovely vintage treats downstairs in the dress up box, including some of my mom's old clothes, so I took a little trip down there and found this amazing dress. The waist line was a little low for the look of the dress, so I modernized it by taking up the waist line in the middle and then a little less on the sides to give it an a-line cut, kind of like the cropped shirts that have started...bear with me..."cropping" up. hardy har har.

{dress: vintage, shoes: F21}

I loved the flowy fabric, and the lace detail around the neck line, and just knew I had to make it work, and so yesterday morning I started sewing it at 7 am before we had to leave at 7:30 to practice a song for sacrament, and my sister came down "I thought I heard the sewing machine, but I thought, who the heck would be sewing this early in the morning.", me? Yeah, it was me. And finished it with just enough time to practice the song, get dressed and head to church. That is some speed sewing if you ask me. 

And last but not least, my new FLORAL shoes!! My mom just about barfed when she saw them, which is a good sign that they are AWESOME. :) We have very different tastes, although, the dress I refashioned was once hers so maybe we are just a few decades apart :)

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