Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Project

Out of the kindness of my heart...ok, out of sheer excitement, I bring you CUFF SHORTS! You know, like the cuff pants we made, only now they are shorts? mmmm, so wonderful :)

So here is what they look like:

{shoes and cami: F21, shorts: made them, shirt: thrifted, wallet: gift}

So, basically, you just follow the cuff pant tutorial HERE. The only difference is, it is best to do this with a linen pant, or one that looks similar, and it is best if it falls right about 1 inch above the knee to 2 inches. 

You might need to take in the pant a little bit at the top because linen pants are usually made to be baggy, and if you need to, you just take a couple of inches off by sewing along the inside seam. 

And then for a fun measure, I am going to dye mine red when I get home from vacation :)

Also, you may have noticed this little wallet I was posing with. That's because my awesome sister didn't want it, and so now it is mine all mine! She saw the floral print and thought of me :) I just love sisters

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