Monday, June 13, 2011


Manda's wedding this weekend was WONDERFUL!! It was so beautiful and classic, and she looked both beautiful and classic herself. I got a little nervous walking up the steps before her because they were cobblestone and I was in heels, but all worked out well :) And I may have cried a little watching her and Kody say their "I Do's" because Kody is just so wonderful for her. I could never have picked out more of a perfect match for her then Kody. Hopefully later I will have some pics from the wedding, but I will have to track them down from other people because I was talkin and dancin the whole time so I wasn't able to snap some myself. 

{jacket, shirt, pants, belt: thrifted, shoes: Ross}

I had such a blast helping get everything ready for the wedding, and especially hanging out with her little sister Sam {practically my sister as well since I have known Manda since we were 5. Sam shares my affinity for Vintage and Anthropologie, plus she laughs at my wacky jokes, so we had a really fun time together. Plus, she saw my Etsy site and asked if I would make all her clothes, and if you knew how stylish she was, you would know what an amazing compliment that was to me :) 

What a fun vacation this has been! I just miss my sweet hubby at home. Love you baby

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