Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Blazing Blazer

For as long as I can remember, the blazer has always been a symbol of the old, the wise, the educated...but mostly the old. When I wore one I was transformed to 20 years beyond my years. Which is why...I stopped wearing them. But then this magical thing happened and it seems so simple now, but I couldn't figure it out then. Roll up the sleeves! It's GLORIOUS (i am thinking of Blue at this point, and hopefully at least one person knows what I am talking about)! The simple idea of rolling up the sleeves of a blazer has made this once old-timer jacket a fashion yes for us youngins today.

So pull out that old blazer you have stashed away. Don't have one, take one of your mom's! And then roll those sleeves up and wear it with pride! My favorite way to wear mine? With lots of BLING. This is the perfect thing to wear that chunky necklace with, along with a billowy shirt (and now I am thinking of Deb. All these movie references today).

Here are the pics to illustrate my point. I hope they get you as excited as they do me!

Love this look! If you want to look effortlessly gorgeous, here is the perfect example of how to do it! Put your hair in a messy bun, throw on a loose comfortable top, next the blazer and top it all off with some bling. Voila! Perfecto. 

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