Friday, October 15, 2010

In With The Old

As I was looking through my closet for something to wear this morning I realized that I cycle through the same clothes day after day, and all my other clothes are collecting dust. So I have decided to take on a little challenge of my own, and I invite you to take it with me. I am taking clothes that I have not worn in a while and figuring out a way to make them work with fashion now.

First item of business:  these yellow tights/leggings. (remember that we don't judge the photography I have none).

I bought these tights two years ago at Ross for 3 bucks while in a big color kick. I thought that they would be more like leggings, but as it turns out they are see-through like tights. For this reason they have sat in my closet because I was too lazy to find a way to wear them and so, they are my first challenge.

They are super cute with the buttons on the side and even though the color is a very vibrant yellow (if I could take pictures well you would be able to tell better) I figured I could do something with them. And then it hit me to follow my own advice! Did I not just show you guys pictures of sundresses with bright tights underneath? I have been so fixated on the sundress part that I forgot about the tights.

So, I grabbed a fall appropriate dress with absolutely no yellow in it (this is a big step for me because since I was little everything had to match color wise), a fun black rocker belt, black booties (a fabulous Goodwill find. I get so proud of myself when that happens), and of course, bling.

And here is what I came up with:

The best part is now I know how to wear my tights :) And all I had to do was take my own fashion advice.

Have any pieces of clothing that just sit in your closet, unloved? Send me a pic at and I will help you figure out how to wear that lonesome piece. Or take the challenge on your own and send the pics in. Don't be shy, show off that creative fashion spirit!