Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How To Wear The Simple Tank Top

Now I am hoping when you read the title that your immediate thought was not "I know how to do that, I just throw it over a tee shirt". Bad girl! That is the last thing I want you doing with those tank tops.

Thank goodness for fall and the amazing cardigan! This may seem like the easy obvious fix to cover up what the tank top doesn't, but you would be surprised just how many tanks I see over a white shirt. If I were to suggest any accessory for this fall it would be a scarf and a cardigan.

There are many reasons why the common cardigan cover-up is such a good idea. First, layers are always in. When you layer up with a cardigan it adds that special touch to any outfit. Second, cardigans are super comfy. You don't feel like dressing up for the day, but don't want to look like you just stepped out of bed? Great, you can satisfy that urge to by comfy with a tank top, cardigan and a cute fabric scarf. Lastly, the cardigan is very feminine.

So here are some images of cardigans that I love, and the looks that are easy to create with probably whatever is already in your closet!

The comfy chic look

Just because that tank top you have has ruffles, doesn't mean a cardigan doesn't work perfect over it, in fact, it makes it look even better!

Bwahahaha, Ok, I'm sorry, but I couldn't help put this picture up. See, it looks awful. No more ladies. Say "NO" to the tee shirt and "YES" to the fabulous cardigan :)

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  1. hahaha! Seriously! I NEVER put white tees under tanks, it's so obnoxious and screams MORMON! LOl! BUT what about the style of putting tees under tubetop dresses? you know what I'm talking about? Forever 21 was selling them like crazy last year and I totally hesitated at first but then I really got into it...